What buyers want . . . to avoid

Have you ever noticed that it’s easier sometimes to get at what you want by considering what you don’t want? My wife and I forever go through this process to decide where to go for dinner.

A recent study on what buyers of professional services want turned up some interesting insights. Hinge, a firm that specializes in the Professional Services Firm market, asked buyers to identify the most meaningful criteria for selecting a firm. Five surfaced that accounted for about three quarters of the responses:

  1. Expertise/technical skill
  2. Quality of the team
  3. Firm experience
  4. Past industry/service experience
  5. Firm reputation

No real surprises here since these are all characteristics that are understandably important.

What’s really interesting and actually more meaningful is what surfaced when buyers were asked what they are looking to avoid when selecting a firm. The answers provide a deeper understanding of the qualities that are valued most. According to the study, buyers above all want to avoid:

  1. Poor results and
  2. Failure to solve their problem(s)

Considering the challenging environment where there’s so much at stake, this should be no surprise. At the same time, it’s important to know because it points to the need to focus on communicating what your firm has helped clients achieve in the way of solving problems and meeting objectives.

If this value is not a focal point of your messaging strategy to prospects, I suggest that you reconsider your strategy.

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Learn more about the Hinge study http://bit.ly/9d8Ine

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