Closing the gap to thought leadership success

Most advertising agencies and marketing services firms recognize that relevant knowledge sharing is a valuable ingredient in a smart marketing program. But like most things related to agency marketing and business development, getting it done is anything but easy.

If your firm consistently creates and shares knowledge and insights that help your target audience, kudos to you! You know it’s a great way to attract, build trust, differentiate and help prospective clients infer your value. It also provides your new business team with good, positive purpose for engaging and nurturing prospects – positive because it’s about them.

As important and beneficial as Thought Leadership can be (it’s one of my Pillars of Growth), executing can be extremely challenging. The barrier is less about capability and much more about bandwidth (the lack of). Success takes good planning, consistent attention and of course, some high level thinking (no surprise!). And since you probably haven’t hired a content marketing director, you have to rely on your existing staff to get it done, in addition to their primary responsibilities.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you get going and keep going…

  1. Strong champion – identify someone on your team who is passionate about Thought Leadership to carry the banner and be responsible for its ultimate success. This is in addition to the principals actively championing the effort!
  2. Identify the right people – look for the right connections (writing and/or speaking skills, passion about important topics, etc.)
  3. Be inclusive – encourage participation and look for ways for people to get involved that fit them. For example, they may not be a writer, but they’re great at researching.
  4. Communicate benefits – don’t forget to share how getting involved can potentially benefit their career, both within the company and out (industry exposure), etc.
  5. Be flexible – if for example, someone wants to work on a blog post from home or over the weekend when it’s against policy, roll with it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I hope this helps and by all means, please share your thoughts!


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