Why the heck aren’t you researching your own clients?

After all, you wouldn’t advise clients about their marketing without good customer insights, would you? Here are 2 important reasons to start

  1. Protect and improve client relationships
  2. Strengthen marketing and business development

Client retention insurance

I met with a PR firm sometime back that had just been blindsided by the news that their cornerstone client (60+ percent of their business) was taking their business to another agency. If you’ve ever had this happen, you know how awful it feels – like a punch in the gut. As it often happens, by the time the firm got the news, it was already a done deal. in the end, they did learn why the client made the move, but it was too late. I guess they didn’t know the client as well as they thought they did.

This reminds me of client research that I recently conducted for a MW agency. In addition to the many positives and productive insights that surfaced, up popped some pretty candid negative feedback about processes and people that the client had been hesitant to share with the agency. The issues festered for quite some time, almost too long. Luckily, once the agency learned about and acknowledged the problems, they were able to fix them in time.

Message: You don’t know what you don’t know…

More powerful brand, messaging and marketing content

There’s a great article in Fast Company, “The Secret to a better reputation isn’t better adjectives…” that speaks to the fact that too many companies rely on buzzwords that don’t accurately or authentically characterize what they do, why they’re different, or how they provide value to customers. The words become gibberish. The author’ s recommendation:

Do client research to discover your story, one that provides an authentic picture of what you do, where you fit and most important, one that can be supported.

This reminds me of a struggling SW agency that was facing an identity crisis. They used the valuable insights that we captured from clients to help answer some critical questions – what they do, why they’re different, how they provide the greatest value, what prospective clients want to hear and where lead generation efforts should focus. It provided a solid platform for moving forward.

Consider the fact that you may be putting your client relationships and business at risk and missing opportunities to grow if you’re not sufficiently plugged in to your clients.

If you’d like to strengthen your business strategy with client research, I can help. Drop me a note or give me a call at 770.645.9845.

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