How to get unstuck and generate bigger results

Face it, we all get stuck. It happens in both our personal and professional lives, individually and collectively. It could happen in the middle of implementing your ad agency’s content marketing strategy, finishing an important new business proposal or simply getting started on a blog post that you’ve been thinking about writing but can’t seem to get started. So the question is not whether you’ll hit roadblocks, but what will you do when you hit them?

What I’d like to discuss today is a concept that will not only help you get moving forward, it will also help you release your full potential and produce better results.

A client recently shared an interesting perspective on the topic. They said that they had become “ball-bound” about a new business concept that I had discussed with them.


Zen GolfThe concept comes from the book Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game where noted PGA coach and Buddhist instructor, Dr. Joseph Parent, draws on this natural connection and teaches golfers how to clear their minds, achieve ultimate focus, and play in the moment for each shot. Here’s an excerpt that I thought might be helpful:

“How big is your mind? Is it the same size as your brain? Does it have a shape? Is it located in a particular spot?

If we notice a sensation in our foot, it is actually experienced in our mind. So perhaps our mind is the size of our body. But we also experience what we see, so perhaps our mind is as big as our field of vision. What if I asked you to imagine the farthest star in the farthest galaxy? Now how big is your mind?

Ultimately, our mind has the potential to be as big as the universe. The more open our mind, the bigger it is. The more consumed by worry and petty concerns, the smaller it is.

Worrying about missing a four-foot putt makes your mind feel about as tiny as a thimble. Playing your best golf comes from having the biggest mind. Whatever you encounter, connect with the space around it, see it as big a context as you can. Look at the lay of the land and start reading your putt when you’re fifty yards from the green. See the big view.

If we get “ball-bound” before we swing, we lose track of the space we’re sending the ball into. A small mind interferes with making a free swing that follows through toward the target.

After a good drive or iron shot, watch it fly, without a lot of comment, just appreciating the whole picture. Notice how open and expansive, how big, your mind feels.

Connect with the experience and call it up before your next shot. You’ll be surprised how much more you see and feel.”

Take the blinders off

While concentrating on the task at hand is important, beware. If you do so at the exclusion of perspective (the bigger picture) you risk becoming “ball-bound.” This will limit both your natural ability and the ultimate results that your ability is capable of generating.

How to get unstuck-take the blinders off

So the next time you sense that you or your team is getting stuck, try pushing back from the task at hand and reconnect with what Dr. Parent calls “the big view.” Ask questions like,

  • What’s the ultimate objective for our content marketing strategy, what’s the prize?
  • What does success look like after we win this new client?
  • How do I want my readers to feel after reading the blog post?

And remember what Chevy Chase so eloquently advised in “Caddy Shack.”

“… find your center and picture the shot, Danny. See your future, be your future.”

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