Another reason case studies are high value content

… and should receive high level attention in your content strategy

There’s little doubt that client case studies can play an important role in converting and winning new business. According to the recent 2014 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation from Starfleet Media, case studies/client success stories top the list of content assets being created and used – 69% of B2B companies use them. Get the report

Communicating your “how”

During a recent series of buyer persona research interviews that I conducted for an agency client, an important insight surfaced about the value of client case studies, one that you might be overlooking.

In addition to showcasing the business problems you solve, the thinking behind your work and the results that your firm is capable of generating, client case studies can also communicate your agency’s project development process – and do so in a very powerful way. After all, which approach would have more impact on you?

  • Someone describes the key stages of their process supported by a nice visual or
  • They bring their process to life by exposing it through a real life client story

Importance of process

Buyers value a smart processEvery ad agency and marketing firm should have and be able to communicate a smart and thorough project development process. You probably have one. It’s a business asset that most clients value, and one that is especially helpful to share in the latter stages of the buyers journey.

Among other things, communicating a smart and thorough development process helps buyers mitigate risk (and gain trust) by helping them

  1. Anticipate your ability to accurately predict, control and generate specific outcomes
  2. Understand what the experience of working together actually might look and feel like

Bottom line

Creating and using client case studies in a way that reveals your development process will help prospects infer greater value both in the process itself and your agency overall.

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