Less is more ONLY if the less really is more

In a recent blog post titled “Is less really more?” I write about “The Law of Least Effort” and Daniel Kahneman’s contention that intuition overrides rationale. Kahneman, the Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences and author of “Thinking, Fast and Slow” writes,

“If there are several ways of achieving the same goal, people will eventually gravitate to the least demanding course of action.”

Less can indeed equate to more, especially in an information saturated, fast paced and continually evolving environment. It contributes to our ‘short attention span theater.’ By the way, notice that I said “can” and not “is.” That’s because less complex, shorter or more concise, in and of itself, does not guarantee success. It’s important to consider what the “less” is.

When it comes to ad agency messaging and content marketing used to fuel inbound marketing and lead generation, no matter how concise you make it, the less will only deliver more if it is of interest and value to your prospect. In other words, if the messaging and marketing content focuses on features, benefits and values that are not attractive to your prospect, then your outcome will be:  less = less.


Every time that you or your staff create important messaging or marketing content (emails, blog posts, new business presentations, landing pages, website pages, white papers, etc.) that is designed to attract, convert, or win new business, keep the motivations, goals and behaviors of your ideal customers (buyer personas) front and center. If you don’t have buyer personas, create them.

Then and only then can your less = MORE!


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