Stop hoping for miracles

New business success requires a long-sighted perspective

Stop hoping for miraclesWhile you may experience a quick win now and then, research and experience clearly shows that predictable ad agency new business success is measured in months and years. We’re in a business that’s built on trust that isn’t earned overnight. It requires a long-sighted perspective and effort.  In the words of one long-time Chief Marketing Officer:

“Relationships are built over years, not unsolicited emails. Even if you’re lucky (and smart and talented) enough to get on the CMO’s radar for, say, a capabilities presentation, he or she may not have reason to hire you for months or years. In that case, stay in touch. Look to add value (white papers or data snippets are a good way to do this). Keep tabs on the prospect’s business, competitors and industry. Above all, be respectful, professional & human, and be part of a team that does consistently great work.”

If you rush trust building, you risk breaking it. 

If you rush trust you risk breaking itWhile you can no doubt take steps to accelerate trust building, the relationship evolves on their timeline and not yours. So be careful.

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