Does your new business approach repel or attract prospects?

Test the magnetic strength of your ad agency’s new business approach:How to strengthen your ad agency's new busienss approach

  1. Is there real purpose driving your inbound marketing and outbound lead generation efforts or are you just posting random content or “dialing and smiling” to one after the next?
  2. Is that purpose grounded to your buyer persona(s) in some way (a problem, opportunity, relevant insights, etc.)?
  3. Is your purpose supported by something substantive that they’ll find meaningful (case studies, etc.)?
  4. Is your message communicated in a clear and concise way?
  5. Is your thought leadership content rooted in your buyer persona’s issues?
  6. Does it contain a clear point(s) of view?
  7. Is it “packaged” as educational rather than promotional material?
  8. Is your marketing content well written (thoughts well organized, etc)?
  9. Does the formatting make it easy to consume (short text blocks, bullets, etc.)?
  10. Does style get in the way of your message?

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