Buyer Persona Research

Success starts (and ends) with understanding your ideal buyers

Buyer personaOur buyer persona research arms you with semi-fictional representations of your ad agency’s ideal customer(s) based on real data. We conduct direct interviews with current and former clients and prospects that dive well below the typical surface information to capture buyer behaviors, motivations and goals. By focusing on “why,” we unearth motives and not just actions.

Insightful buyer personas will:

  • Readily inform your strategies for persuasive messaging and content marketing.
  • Help you attract the right prospects, convert them to leads and win them as customers.


5 rings of buying insight

We utilize the 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ developed by Buyer Persona Institute that delivers highly actionable insights. You will know…


  • Who you need to persuade within the buyer’s organization
  • What information they need
  • When they’re most likely to be receptive
  • Where to reach them
  • How to create a persuasive message for purchasing your services
  • Why your marketing and sales plan is the best course of action

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