Client Research

Protect and Grow Your Client Relationships

Client-Research-OpenDialoguYou know how challenging it is to keep clients these days. Between clients demanding more and decision makers coming and going at an accelerated pace, it’s no surprise that the average ad agency client life span continues to shrink. So, what can you do to not only protect and grow your existing client relationships? It starts with establishing an ongoing candid dialogue with clients. According to a study by Hinge Marketing,



  1. Firms that conduct structured research on themselves, even occasionally, are more profitable and grew faster than those that  did not
  2. Firms that did frequent research were even more profitable and grew even faster



We’ve been conducting client research for more than a decade. We’re good at it, and as a third party we get candid and meaningful insights. You and your clients are in very capable hands.

Objectives | Benefits
Protect and strengthen your existing client relationships.

We collaborate with you to develop an interview framework that best fits your objectives.  A senior level business marketer engages your clients in 1:1  telephone dialogues. You gain their permission and we take it from there – from scheduling to the follow up “thank you” note.

A robust and actionable report that provides great clarity by focusing on key themes unearthed, insights learned and necessary actions to be taken.

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