Powerful stories attract, convert and win more

Humans live in stories.

Humans live in storiesYour story is a window through which you see the world and through which the world sees you. It affects how you make decisions, your decision choices and the impressions that your decisions leave on your world.

The fact that we live in stories is good news for ad agencies. Since we don’t sell a product we therefore need to rely on prospective clients to infer our potential value. Well-crafted client case studies arm your team with powerful marketing content that adds premium fuel to your content marketing strategy. Why? They help your prospects more clearly infer your agency’s potential value, thereby building trust.

Compelling stories start with a good script that answers 8 key questions:

  1. Who was the client (if not a household name, provide perspective)?
  2. What was the business problem or opportunity that existed?
  3. What was the client’s business objective?
  4. What were the key insights learned that helped determine the strategy?
  5. What did the strategy/tactics look like?
  6. What, if any obstacles stood in the way of success (external and/or internal)?
  7. What were the business results of our efforts?
  8. What’s a strong, results-based headline?

A word about “l-i-n-k-a-g-e”

CaseStudyLinkageLike any good story, the more the parts tie together, the stronger it will be.

  • Link your headline to the results. Remember “What buyers want to AVOID”
  • Strategy and tactics should be an outgrowth of business objectives and insights
  • Results should link back to objectives

Well-crafted case studies help prospects infer your value in various ways

From the kind of clients you work with, the types of business problems that you solve and how your team thinks to your development process and to what degree your efforts “move the needle.”

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