The core philosophy that drives our approach to new business

Building trust builds business“Trust” rules!

Our approach to improving ad agency new business starts with the knowledge that building trust is critical to building business. After all, we are in a business that’s relationship based.

3 types of connections build trust

No matter whether the activity is marketing or business development based, the better your efforts “connect” with prospects in a meaningful way throughout their buyers journey, the higher the likelihood that you’ll successfully attract, convert and win their business. There are 3 key areas to focus on:

  1. 3 connections that build trustProblems Solved – remember that buyers need to solve problems, so communicating an ability to solve relevant problems (ex. relevant client case studies) can be highly attractive and persuasive.
  2. Knowledge – content shared through blog posts, articles, white papers, research, etc. that helps your potential buyers solve relevant problems, see things in new ways, etc. can be very powerful. It can help position you as a thought leader or trusted adviser.
  3. Affinity – yes, knowing the right individual(s) still matters, especially with risk aversion being so high. We tend to trust who we know.

Of course, the closer each connection aligns with your buyer persona(s) and their buyers journey, the more powerful the impact will be.

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