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Hunter Business Development delivers value to clientsWe deliver value to clients in a variety of ways. Here are some examples…

A WEST COAST AGENCY HAD DRIFTED FROM ITS ROOTS and well-defined niche to become, “An Integrated Marketing Agency.”  Revenue consequently suffered. As part of our overall strategy, client research unearthed key insights that helped the agency validate the right path to take including a powerful new brand position, marketing content that aligned with its buyer personas and a new business strategy that helped the firm successfully move forward.

“You have done more for us in terms of strategic input and helping us to move forward than anyone we have EVER worked with. We greatly value your helping us create a position and determine who we are. You helped us “tell our story” so that people understand it. We are well positioned for the future.” Agency President

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WHEN A BELOW-THE-LINE HISPANIC AGENCY with very low brand awareness and heavy competition realized that it had too many client eggs in one basket, they knew that they needed to expand their client base of major consumer brands. Our lead generation strategy and execution created a successful pipeline of opportunities.

“It’s a tough business. Hunter got us in front of major clients like Clorox and Proctor & Gamble and got us into some major pitches. Their approach is comprehensive and always well executed. My satisfaction level for the Lead Gen program is a 5 (on a 1 to 6 scale)…but only because I’m not a very patient person.” Agency President

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GROWTH FOR THIS MIDWEST DESIGN FIRM had historically been driven by organic opportunities and referrals. There was little to no emphasis on marketing the agency. When revenues receded causing the firm to downsize, agency principals knew that they had to act. Our efforts provided insights that helped the agency rediscover itself relative to its ideal buyers. One outgrowth was a new strategic agency brand position that they can deliver with confidence.

“Larry we have benefited immensely from our work with you. The client research helped validate our firm’s core strengths, identify areas of differentiation and shape our new strategic positioning. The outcomes will help me speak about our firm’s core strengths and new positioning with confidence. You’ve helped lay a strong foundation of critical thinking and marketing discipline. Value delivered for dollars spent was very high.” Agency President

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TO DIFFERENTIATE AND GROW, AN EAST COAST DESIGN FIRM saw the opportunity to transform the firm into a content strategy and content marketing firm that also provides design services. Our content creation and content distribution efforts helped the firm build credibility and awareness and stimulate interest with prospects in key markets.

“Larry is a rock solid addition to any new business or content marketing team. A great asset for any professional service firm.” Agency President


THIS WEST COAST AGENCY WANTED TO LEVERAGE its new brand position and marketing content strategy to penetrate major Consumer Electronics and OTC Health Care brands. Our new business strategy and lead generation efforts utilized a smart process and generated a pipeline of CE and OTC brand prospects.

“We are really impressed with Hunter’s approach and ability to speak to clients and get them interested in us. We also love the collaboration that is happening between your team and our team – we feel like you are an extension of us versus an outside provider. HUNTER ROCKS!!! We have worked with (competitor) and there is no comparison. You are worlds apart.” Agency President

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A SOUTHWEST BASED AGENCY NEEDED TO REINVENT ITSELF after it split off from another agency. Our strategy included client research that unearthed key insights that led to the creation of a compelling new brand position and a strategic new business approach including marketing content that would help attract, convert and win the right new clients.

“The critical insights gleaned from Hunter are invaluable and have provided a solid direction on how we need to build our brand and solicit new business.” Agency President

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WHILE A SMALL, MIDWEST MARKETING AGENCY HAD ACHIEVED GOOD SUCCESS since opening its doors five years earlier, revenue plateaued. The principals were concerned about their business developer’s fit, the agency’s recent struggles to win business and whether the agency was positioned to achieve its full potential. Our efforts unearthed and delivered insights and recommendations that helped the agency make necessary changes that propelled the agency forward with confidence.

“Larry, you have had an impact on our business. I hugely value your contribution. Thanks for all your help. It definitely paid off.” Agency President

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A NEW ENGLAND BASED DESIGN FIRM RECOGNIZED THE NEED TO TAKE ACTION to stimulate new business growth as they witnessed their client roster recede. Marketing content was outdated and ineffective and the principals had little time to invest in business development. Our strategy that included developing relevant marketing content to attract prospects, enabled our lead generation team to open the door to meetings with 25% of companies pursued.

“Barbara is great – a wonderful entre for us – fits our personality to a tee.” Agency President

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A ONCE THRIVING 40 PERSON MARKETING AGENCY WAS STRUGGLING to a point where the internal culture had turned toxic and was threatening the business. To make matters worse, executive decision making paralysis had set in over many months. Our strategy focused on internal research designed to capture candid feedback from key staff members. The research exposed the core operational problems and led to actionable insights and recommendations that helped the agency successfully move forward.

“Your insight and good work is proving to be a clear wake-up call and catalyst, and is appreciated. It has actually been quite helpful to us in identifying issues and opportunities for policy and operational improvement, and prioritizing our plan of attack.” Adviser to the Agency CEO

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WHILE A SOUTHEAST PROMOTION AGENCY HAD LOTS OF GREAT CLIENT SUCCESS STORIES to share, they weren’t nearly as strong as they could be since the case studies focused on what the agency did rather than on results. Our efforts to rewrite the portfolio of client case studies armed the agency with marketing content that would more effectively attract, convert and win new business and a new mindset for marketing the agency.

“I appreciate all you’ve done (and your unending patience with our delays). Your case study worksheet process has helped reshape our approach to now integrate a results-oriented mindset into how we market our agency to potential clients in the future.” Agency President


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